Visiting and operating rules

In accordance with Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on protecting public health, as amended and Regulation of the Ministry of Health, No. 238/2011, the operator issues this Visiting and operating rules for the swimming pool Hostivař dam, (the “swimming pool” or the site”).

These visiting and operating rules are for keeping to the regulations, protecting the health and safety of visitors and must be kept by visitors, as well as employees of the administrator.

By entering the site a visitor undertakes to adhere to the “Visiting and operating rules“ and follow the instructions of employees: custodians, lifeguards and security guards.

The operator of the site is Hostik s.r.o., registered office Údolní 212/1, 147 00 Prague 4, ID number: 26191521, the responsible head is Daniel Ulrich

General information and description of the swimming pool

1. The maximum capacity of the site is 5,500 persons. If the site is full, the operator must not allow other visitors to enter further. If the swimming pool is full the operator can close it and stop selling tickets until the swimming pool is not full.
2. The site is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00.
3. The swimming pool is a natural water area. There are sand and grass areas for sunbathing and gradual entry into the water. The nudist beach is in a separate area. The swimming pool has no water treatment or chemical preparations. The drinking water source in the area is the public water supply.
The main beach has 25 outdoor showers, 5 men’s toilets, 7 ladies’ toilets, staff toilets and changing rooms. The Nudist beach has 10 outdoor showers, 5 men’s’ toilets, 7 ladies’ toilets, 1 personal toilet and changing rooms. There is a playground, trampoline, two beach volleyball courts, boats, pétanque, skittles, multipurpose playground and other sports.

Obligations of the operator:

1. The swimming pool water is sampled once every 14 days, if the water deteriorates once a week. The operator must publish all the important information about the water quality on the Internet and on signs in the area, after consultation with the City of Prague Hygienic Station. Samples are collected and evaluated by an accredited laboratory. The results of the water analysis are recorded and stored by the operator for 5 years.
2. The air and water temperatures are measured daily and the data is recorded in a visible place at the outdoor swimming pool and on the web pages of the outdoor swimming pool.
3. There is a marked first aid station with first aid kit and basic rescue equipment. The first aid kit is in the lifeguard’s room.
4. The lifeguard must wear the designated clothing and use a whistle to communicate with people in the water. To keep visitors safe the lifeguard has life-saving equipment (floats, motor boat, etc.)
5. All areas of the swimming pool are kept tidy and cleaned every day. The site is cleaned daily. All areas for rest and sunbathing (beaches, grass and sandy areas) are cleaned, the grass is cut as needed. There are sufficient waste bins in the pool area. They are emptied as needed at least once a day into a covered container in a bordered space. The waste is removed by RUMPOLD-P s.r.o., the emptying of the sump is provided by Kučera.
6. The employees supervise the daily order and cleanliness in all areas of the swimming pool and regular cleaning of the toilet facilities and changing rooms. The cleaning is carried out at least twice a day.


1. A valid ticket is needed to enter the area. Only those over 15 years can enter the premises, younger persons must be accompanied by someone over 18. Intoxicated people cannot enter!
2. In bad weather (rain, low air temperature) the administrator can temporarily close the premises.


1. The lifeguard maintains the order and safety of visitors.
2. You swim in the area at your own risk and only in the designated areas.
3. Visitors who do not know how to swim or do not swim well should, for their own safety, stay in the non-swimmers area , i.e. the shallows.
4. For your own safety follow the instructions of the lifeguard, the general rules, and these rules. If these rules are violated or inappropriate behaviour the visitor can be expelled without compensation from the premises without any refund of the admission fee.
5. If first aid is needed immediately locate a lifeguard or the site manager. They will treat minor injuries or call for help. Also, inform the lifeguard immediately if someone is drowning.

Attractions and sports activities

1. Visitors must adhere to the operating rules of the individual attractions, the instructions for operating these attractions and sports activities and are aware of their responsibility and risks.

Putting things away and liability for damage

1. Visitors must only undress and dress in the changing rooms and cabins.
2. In accordance with Section 2945 of the Civil Code No. 89/2012 Coll. the operator determines where to keep things in the pool area, i.e. a safe deposit box. The safety deposit boxes are for visitors to the swimming pool with a valid ticket.
The safety deposit box rules describes how to use them and the responsibility for the loss of the key or damage to the box.
3. If the premises are open to the public without a swimming pool, i.e. without an entry fee, this will not be considered as traffic associated with putting things away according to the provisions according to Section 2945 of the Civil Code. In this case the operator is not liable for these things, even if they are in safe deposit boxes.
4. The site manager is not responsible for deposited items and objects.
5. Any items found on the premises are handed over to the finder at the entrance to the premises by the administrator’s representatives.
6. The administrator is not liable for any damage or injury caused by carelessness or failure to comply with the Visitors Rules, the instructions of responsible personnel, lifeguards and other authorized persons.
7. For arbitrary damage, destruction or loss of lent items, the visitor must pay compensation for the damage caused, as well as for any damage or contamination of the premises or property of the administrator and other parties.

Movement along and in the area

1. Movement on and within the premises is only possible during business hours. After 9 pm every visitor must leave the premises.
2. The roads and grassy areas must be used for all operations.
3. The reserved seats are used for sports.
4. Cars and motorcycles cannot drive into the area without the permission of the administrator. Vehicles with permission to drive must move around the area with maximum caution at a maximum speed of 10km / h. One-off parking on the premises is only possible at designated locations and only with the permission of the administrator. Means of transport can only operate on the premises during opening hours for servicing.

You cannot:

• threaten other people, physically, verbally, or otherwise bother them, for example, with noise;
• Stay in premises that are not accessible to the public for security reasons
• enter the sections or areas exclusively for the other sex,
• Bathe in underwear, T-shirts or other types of clothing or paper diapers not for bathing
• take with you items that can cause an injury or are dangerous to the area (glass and sharp objects, knives, firearms, etc.)
• pollute public areas with rubbish, by throwing rubbish, papers, chewing gum and butts out of dedicated containers
• smoke in the changing rooms or cabins and have open fires
• ride in the area on a bike, roller skates, and skateboard etc. by means of transport (if not specified by the administrator), take dogs or other animals into the swimming pool
• jump into the water from the rest pier and unassigned spaces, collide with each other, dive into other visitors
• drive into the area in cars and motorcycles without the permission of the administrator
• tear and damage the planted greenery
• walk on planted areas outside the designated paths
• arbitrarily move the facilities and equipment of the swimming pool
• damage property
• make fires and use PB cookers throughout the premises without permission,
• seal, foul or scribble on the premises and stay outside the opening hours
• play sports outside the reserved areas
• spit on the ground and into the water, urinate into the water, throw away items that could cause injuries, bring flammable or chemical substances that could cause fire or endanger human health.
• launder and laundry cleaning, hair cutting and shaving
• fish on the premises
• perform any presentation and promotional events or activities without the Administrator’s consent
• stay outside the opening hours
• photograph or film on the nudist beach
• go along the nudist beach in a swimsuit or different dress.
• bring and consume food and beverages purchased off-site, with the exception of special diets and baby food.

Exclusion from visiting the premises:

According to Section 19 of the Regulation No. 238/2011 Coll., as amended
1. Persons with transmissible hair or skin diseases do not have access to the water, other communicable diseases that can be transmitted by water or contact, as well as persons with insects and persons apparently under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances,
2. Children under 1 year old cannot go to the water area
3. Entry or use of the premises may also be denied to persons whose visit could have a demonstrable disruptive effect on the orderly safety of the premises and moral social principles,
4. Visitors who, despite a warning, do not respect the above principles and provisions of the Visitors rulers or do not follow the instructions of the responsible staff, can be expelled from the premises.

Public Information can be found on the information boards at the entrance to the premises and in the area, especially signs for sports facilities and their operating information.

All information and notifications are available at For complaints, announcements or suggestions, visitors can contact the administrator directly at 777 609 859 or email

Other services (refreshments)

The restaurant buildings are part of the swimming pool. All hygienic and safety regulations must be kept when selling, glass containers must not be outside the restaurant.

Transporting food, beverages, installing sales equipment and commencing business activities in the swimming pool area can only take place with the prior written consent of the operator.