Come and play sports with us at the largest natural swimming pool in Prague. We have many options for you and we expand our offer every year. For example, this year new fitness training to improve your health and satisfaction.

The word sport is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the word disport, meaning cheering or distraction. And that’s where everything you find with us comes from. We would just like to bring a smile to your face.

We have prepared various activities for you in our complex. Starting with light games such as frisbee throwing, petanque, street basketball or small football. Here you will also find, for example, 2 beach volleyball courts, padleboards, slacklines, a skateboarding u-ramp, an outdoor workout gym, as well as wakeboarding and water skiing.
You can also go skimboarding on the beach and try balanceboards at our reception.
Great fun is our waterslide with 2 tracks and a timer, so your races will be exciting.

You can do individual sports suddenly or even regularly, including the help of a coach. We regularly play sports at a Czech wakeboard children’s base led by Mates Blahovec and our other coaches. Honza Bašný has arranged a skate ramp for us and his charges come to train with us.

We also offer pedal boats with a slide, but also without, for a better view when sailing on the dam and watching the flora and fauna, such as a small kingfisher, herons, coypu or 3 turtles, which have been living with us for some time.

You can come to small sports whenever you want and you need to make a reservation for the frequented ones. As well as training programs. Use our reservation system to make a reservation. After a successful booking, you must come with an ID to verify your person.

List of sports and sports grounds

Beach volleyball
Wake cable
Giant trampoline
Water slide
Paddleboard Yoga
Children's corner
on order
on order

Where to find sports and sports grounds