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Leisure time of children and adolescents is a topic that is being addressed more and more today, especially in connection with children’s passivity, excessive monitoring of social networks, time spent at computers and television and, last but not least, in connection with health problems such as obesity. Appropriate leisure activities for children have a proven positive effect on their development and future life.
In addition to natural swimming and sports, the area offers a variety of leisure activities for children. We are constantly striving to improve our offer and services. This year, for example, we decided to involve our parents in activities in the children’s corner.
Children can have fun on a jumping inflatable trampoline or a water slide with two tracks and a timer. They will spend time under supervision in the children’s corner, where they will definitely not be bored. There is also a children’s playground with climbing frames. All this is FREE for visitors to the complex.

What you will find around

Inflatable trampoline
Waterslide or inflatable water slide
Children's corner


Thanks to its possibilities, the Hostivařská dam complex is an ideal place for all-round enjoyment of children and youth. That’s why popular suburban camps take place here every year. Originally, this event was organized by people from the SpoluBeat community center primarily for their children. Due to great interest, after the first year, they decided to prepare more dates and offer everyone the opportunity to join them.

The camps are thematically focused on sports activities, especially water sports, and the Krav Maga self-defense system. In addition, children can look forward to creative workshops, a trip to a nearby zoo and much more. The children will be in the team of their peers and friends, they will have fun and at the same time they will learn in a fun way how to behave safely in risky situations.

Guides respect the individual needs of children. Children are not forced into activities in any way, but they motivate and inspire to participate in a suitable form. The camp program is prepared to entertain young and old, girls and boys ranging from 6 to 12 years. Previous experience with Krav Maga or other activities is not a condition. From our experience, we believe that everyone will find something they will remember for a long time and share with their parents every day. Every day, the parents of the participants receive photos from the past day.

The whole camp will be led by experienced leaders, Krav Maga events and trainings by certified ČKMA instructors. The presence of a paramedic throughout the camp is a matter of course. A group of around 12-15 children is always cared for by at least two leaders. The capacity of the camp is limited, so we recommend early booking.

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The Hostivař dam is not only a place of relaxation and water sports, but the community group SpoluBeat has also found its background here. SpoluBeat is a joint project of families who have decided to take full responsibility for the upbringing and education of their children. It is not limited to creating an alternative to institutionalized education, but aims to create a space for real Together Being Families – children and adults, which allows mutual inspiration, enrichment, growth and development of individual potential of all actors in this process. Therefore, one of the main elements of the project is to preserve the age diversity of the children’s group from babies to preschoolers. Although SpoluBeat cannot be considered a kindergarten or school in the usual sense, it is also a common desire to grow up with children in a “community school” and allow them to spend time at school in a respectful, loving and stimulating environment. The age limit for children and adults of the group is therefore almost unlimited.

Since its inception, the project has been based on the voluntary involvement of parents, who take on the role of guides of their own children as well as children of other participating families and invest the most valuable thing in their upbringing and education – their time. Each parent thus contributes with their unique experience, knowledge, skills and abilities (whether in the field of sports, creation, biology, literature or singing). This concept, of course, places different demands on parents than on parents of children who use other educational concepts. The project is based primarily on the values ​​and ideas of the extended family system, natural contact parenting, nonviolent communication and self-directed education, uses the best of many pedagogical trends and new knowledge and concepts reflecting the near future with all its challenges. The goal and effort of all adult participants in the project is to be a quality role model and kind inspiration for children, to have an active influence on what and in what environment children learn. It is therefore natural that one of the challenges of the project is not only the education of children, but also the development of adults.

Other activities of the association also include organizing discussions for the public with interesting guests, usually on the topic of self-management, personal growth, education. Last but not least, activities for children – summer and suburban camps, joint celebrations of holidays and important traditions, thematic workshops and seminars.

At present, there is still room for involvement in this community project. If you are interested in the association’s project, take a look at the SpoluBeat Facebook page, where you will find the necessary contacts.

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