Hostivař lido

K Jezeru, 100 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař
GPS: 50.041658, 14.529237

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Information: +420 251 550 075

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How to reach us by car

The main beach
Arrival for cars to the main beach of Hostivař reservoir is by the street K Jezerou from the Košík housing estate. (Beware of the street K Jezeru Street is also from the Háje but it’s impassable)

Free public parking is available

GPS parking: 50.041646, 14.529251

You can also find more parking options in the Háje housing estate in the streets around Výstavní Street.

Nudist beach The nudist beach does not have its own car park. If you are heading to Nudist Beach by car, the easiest way to park is along the Výstavní and Novopetrovska streets and then walk across the field road.

How to reach us by foot or on the bike

For those who like to walk or biking, there are few ways to reach Hostivař reservoir.

  • From Háje – the reservoir is reachable from Háje and the Jižní město , also from the Háje Metro.
  • From Košík – this is the shortest route, either by a panel road or a forest park that extends to the edge of the housing estate.
  • From Hostivař – beautiful scenery of the Hostivař forest park, where stop tram lines number 22 and 26.
  • From Měcholupy and Petrovice – this is a very similar way to the one from Hostivař. Through the forest park or one of the adjoining streets, you will join the U Břehu street leading beside the reservoir to the main gate. The journey takes about 25 minutes walking or 10 minutes by bike. You can also go on the other side by Euklidova Street to the Nudist Beach 15-20 minutes walking or 5 minutes by bike or alternatively continue along the Výstavní and K Jezeru way to the main gate of the lido. This journey takes a little longer.

As you can see all the roads lead to the Hostivař reservoir. We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to your visit.

How to reach us by public transport

The Hostivař reservoir is easily accessible from all sides. You can reach us from Jižní město, Háje, Hostivař, Měcholupy or Petrovice.

There are 9 bus stops near the reservoir in total. Some of them are really close to the reservoir, and some offer a pleasant walk.

The main beach
The fastest way to the main lido is from bus stop:

  1. Selská ( Košík ) bus no. 177, 181, 506, 609 – walk distance from HR 967 m
  2. Wagnerova ( Háje ) bus no. 293 – walking distance from HR 897 m
  3. Jižní Město bus No. 136, 165, 170, 213, 505 – walk distance from HR 969 m

Other ways to the main gate:

  1. By metro – stop Háje – distance on foot from HR 1,6km
  2. K obecním hájovnám, bus no. 181 – walking distance from HR: 1.6 km
  3. Nad Košíkem, bus no. 181 – walking distance from HR: 1.4 km
  4. K Lesoparku, bus no. 175 – walking distance from HP: 2.2 km
  5. Řepčická, bus no. 125, 175, 183, 511 – walking distance from HP: 1.9 km
  6. Livornská, bus no. 125, 240, 296, 570, 511 – walking distance from HR: 3.2 km
  7. Newtonova, bus no. 240, 296 – walking distance from HR: 2.9 km/li>

Nudist beach
The fastest way to Nudist Beach is by bus or metro from:

  1. Jižní Město bus no. 136, 165, 170, 213, 505 – walking distance from NB: 450 m
  2. By metro – stop Háje – distance on foot from NB 1,6km
  3. Newtonova, bus no. 240, 296 distance on foot from NB: 1.8 km