Restaurant nude beach

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Restaurant nudist beach

The restaurant on NUDA beach is definitely not boring!

We cook excellent home-made ready meals from quality ingredients and without semi-finished products. Our home-made langoustines, roast duck, goulash, Spanish bird and other Czech classics are also famous, in addition to the Únětice handicraft beer on tap.

In the full season we shoot up to 5 types of beer and Italian Frizzante.

Also popular are grilled specialties – steaks, skewers, ribs, knees, chicken wings, minced meat, vegetables, ham, fish, cheese. There are also classics in the form of sausages, burgers, hot dogs and french fries.

You can also play sports on our beach – we have a ping-pong table, volleyball, badminton, speedminton and we will be happy to lend you cards and board games free of charge.

You can enjoy a pleasant evening sitting in a beautiful setting with a regular Friday music program. Saturday evenings traditionally belong to discos.

You do NOT have to undress in the restaurant and terrace if you do not want to. 🙂